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The front page of your website is the first impression your customers get of your business. What are they looking for from you? How will you help them achieve it?

You have a business to run. You are the chief marketing officer, recruiter, window dresser, salesman, driver, administrator and order clerk. Now you want to get on the web, but you don’t want to have to be a web guru as well. You’ve heard words like domain name, URL, registration, eCommerce, payment gateway, Google ranking, and anti-virus thrown around, and just want someone to cut through all the jargon and make it make sense.


These are the requests I hear from clients – do they sound familiar to you?

I want to open up an online shop. I’m a bit overwhelmed by the options and costs. My customers need to be able to pay safely online with a credit card, and I need to be able to charge them the right costs for shipping. www.thegalleryshop.com.au

My current site is so hard to maintain. I spend more time building the site than attracting customers. How do I make it easier to update? And the information has to be available to my users on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Oh, and I need to be able to sell directly from Facebook. www.nellandoll.com.au

We've just acquired Australian distribution rights for an international product. Our website must look just like the global site, but can we have it run on the same system as all our other websites? Pro-tecaustralia.net.au/

We can help you understand what your choices are, and find cost effective methods that suit your current needs. You can also choose training and ongoing support options so that you can learn to update your website to keep it fresh and relevant to your customers, or get me to do it for you. I offer a range of training courses, ranging from how to build your own website to maintenance, social media and online advertising. I can create and deliver a course tailored to your needs. Give me a call to discuss your needs. Also, check our blog and facebook page - I share regular ideas for marketing your small business using the web. We've also got an extensive video library with answers to questions like "how do I change the images on the front of my website" to "how do I add someone as a manager on my facebook page"


Shopify Experts Sydney AustraliaWe are huge fans of Shopify for building online shops. What is Shopify? The easiest way to build and maintain your own online shop. Try it for free here - you may not even need our help to build your new online shop, or you might just need a little help at the end to get the last few tweaks done. Check it out and see what you think.


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